Content Roles Defined: Copywriters, Content Writers, and Content Strategists

Copywriters and content authors both write, but their roles are different. Copywriting is used to convince, while content writing engages the reader.

Content strategists help companies use content to build trust and drive sales. They provide content purpose, vision, and direction to be helpful, usable, and long-lasting. When you read exceptional content, your interest is piqued, and you feel compelled to buy a product or service. A content strategist supports a brand’s vision by ensuring its website has valuable and usable content.

Let’s examine what each field accomplishes and how they differ.

The Art of Persuasion Through Copywriting

You probably read copywriting every day, whether you realize it or not. Copywriters use their writing skills to persuade you to take action. Emails, Social Media postings, print ads, digital ads, and websites will all contain this text style. 

Who Exactly Are Copywriters?

Copywriters are skilled at understanding others and using words to persuade readers to take action.

Copywriters use their writing abilities, empathy, and intelligence to find out what motivates people to take action, such as buying a product, signing up for a service, or filling out an inquiry form on a website. They also need to understand sales funnels and ask probing questions about their target audience before they begin writing. Although many copywriters work on a wide range of marketing materials, some choose to specialize further.

Some copywriter specialties include:

  • Product Marketing Copywriting
  • Copywriting For SEO
  • Copywriting For Direct Response
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Business-To-Business (B2B), 
  • Business-To-Consumer (B2C), 
  • Industry-Specific Copywriting

What Makes Content Writing Unique

There’s a difference between copywriting and content writing, but they both help to accomplish similar goals. Copywriting is more about getting people to agree with you, as seen in Facebook ads, and content writing is more about informing or educating while keeping the reader’s attention. Content writing aims to move people further down the sales funnel—from awareness to interest to desire—and ultimately get them to take action: buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, or visit a website.

Content Writers Create Materials:

  • Such as blog entries and articles
  • Articles from the news
  • Documents in white papers
  • eBooks and Editorials

Your goal will determine which writer you require.

The suitable writer for you depends on what your goals are. Are you hoping to sell something by email but haven’t seen much success? Consider hiring a copywriter. Do you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your business through fantastic blog posts? Consider hiring a content writer. Both? Find a generalist or call Vital Utility for help.

However, if you:

  • You have no idea what content you require.
  • Are you unsure of which channels to produce material?
  • Do you have old content that you need to organize better?
  • Do you require a messaging strategy to tie everything together? 
  • Are you moving your website material from one location to another?

Then you need a Content Strategist

Content Strategists ensure the content is relevant, organized, and up-to-date. They ensure that everyone who comes in contact with your material has a great experience.

Content Strategists help organizations develop better content experiences and contribute to creating a core strategy—the overarching goal. Content strategists also help create and organize content, as well as make sure it’s updated regularly. As a result, websites, blogs, videos, and other forms of content continue to delight customers over time.

Content issues are business problems that misuses time, money, and resources. Companies can avoid or address these costly issues by collaborating with a content strategist who improves the user experience.

Learning about the roles used to create and manage content and using this knowledge to improve content to create better job descriptions for positions is a plus for your business.

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